Under Different Stars

Under Different Stars  - Amy A. Bartol 4 stars

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I've read a couple of really brutal reviews of this book. So I was hesitant to read it but I am really glad I did. Once I started it I was hard put to sit it down. I finished it in just a few hours.
- Yes, it has a few standard YA cliche's
- Yes, the MC can be immature at times (she is only 17)

But if you don't like YA SF stories then don't read YA SF books.

Under Different Stars is a serious good read. The world building is stellar (pun intended). I felt a connection to the MC, Kricket. I liked her. I think at 17 I could have been her friend. The love interest(s) are drool worthy and it has an interesting story.

So if you are a fan of YA SF/Fantasy stories then read this.