Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars - Amy A. Bartol 5 stars

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*** Though this is an YA novel it does contain sexual situations. While not graphic it may not be suitable for younger readers ***

This book starts right where book one Under Different Stars left off and I highly recommend reading it before Sea of Stars.

Wow- Sea of Stars graps you and doesn't let go. Action beginning to end. It sets the setting for book 3 Darken the Stars coming out later this year.(2015)

I spent over an hour after I finished Sea of Stars trying to find out more info on book 3 Darken the Stars because I didn't want to let these characters go. I felt almost bereft. I got very comfortable in Ethar, the world that Ms.Bartol has created. I found a bond with the MC, Kricket, and her alien yet so human of people. Greed, prejudice, hate as familiar as the camaraderie and love that Kricket finds. I can not wait to read Darken the Stars.

Ms. Bartol if you ever read this , please, please, please, write faster... I miss my friends.