Unborn - Amber Lynn Natusch 3.5 stars

*** E-Arc from Netgalley for a review ***

I was psyched to get this e-arc from Netgalley. I really, really love me some Netgalley.

This is my first book by Ms. Natusch, so I am not familiar with world the characters inhabit or with the history of any of them from her previous series, Caged but I didn't feel like I lost anything by it.

This is in essence an Angel story and for whatever reason they aren't my favorite sub-genre. But this has an unusual twist in adding the Greek pantheon and mythology to the mix as well. Good and evil, gods, angels, demons and assorted other supernatural beings. All fighting an ancient war hidden from us mere mortals.

The mc is a mix of innocence and hard edges spending half her life in hell... literally. Six month (spring and summer)in Hades and six months (fall and winter) in an extremely remote and isolated place here on Earth. Her english is stiff, formal and old fashioned but that fits as it is not her first (2nd, 3rd or even 5th) language. Her long life (she is several centuries old but physically, mentally and emotionally a 17 year old girl) has been brutal and lonely. I alternated between feeling sorry and wanting to slap her upside her head. The other characters are so-so, sometimes flat and hollow other times really annoying. But I really don't like the love interest. He is everything that is wrong in men without any redeeming qualities, so of course Khara falls for him. I would have given this book 4 stars but I really, really don't like