Gates of Thread and Stone

Gates of Thread and Stone - Lori M. Lee 5 Stars

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With the plethora of YA fiction available, picking what to read next can be really daunting, even for the most voracious of readers. Sometimes it seems to take longer to decide if a book is worth reading then to actually read it.

I'm sorry to say Ms. Lee's series Gates of Thread and Stone wasn't even on my radar. Luckily, it found me and "Viola'" another fangirl moment was born.

Having read an average of 100+ books per year since the ripe old age of 8 (and that being more decades then I'm likely to admit) I consider myself a fair judge of what makes a good book good. And Gates of Thread and Stone has "it" in spades. The world building is richly detailed without being overly complex. The plot is original and the story interesting. The writing has an easy flow that I was able to lose myself in right away. But the crowning jewels are the characters, Kai is intelligent, brave and loyal. Avan is protective of Kai but never stands in her way. He is supportive while letting her stand on her own two feet. The romance is sweet but never cloying. Yes, the romance is a large part of the story but it is suppose to be and it never takes away from any other part of the book. The secondary characters also have depth and feel like they too belong to the story.

Not once did I find it boring. I was totally wrapped up in this book. I found myself getting irritated any time my family tried to take my attention off the book. I could not put it down. I finished it in less then 5 hours and then started book 2 The Infinite 5 minutes later.

Gates of Thread and Stone is easily one of the best books I have read so far this year. And I can honestly say that come 12/31/15 I will be greatly surprised if it is not in my top ten books of the year.

BRAVO Ms. Lee.