Clone Three

Clone Three - Patti Larsen

5+ Stars

If I could give this book more then 5 stars, I would without a second thought. I think "Clone Three" is that good.

I was amazed by Ms. Larsen's writing, it is rhythmic, almost poetic in style. I love when I can lose myself in a story and enjoyed getting immersed in Trio's. I found the concept and the story itself compelling. It does have elements from other books, Lord of the Flys & Maze Runners to name a few but Ms. Larsen mixes those elements in and makes them her own. She delivers a truly amazing story.

So in short (: or long,depending on if you like my review :) I really loved "Clone Three". The story is amazing, the characters so real I felt happy, sad (actually shedding tears sad) and mad as heck right along with them. I fell for Trio and DOG, especially DOG. I love me some DOG. (Wow, does that sound creepy?) Well read the book and I bet you will love yourself some DOG too. (Yeah, that sounds creepy)

This was my first book by Ms. Larsen but most diffidently not my last.

Where is that DOG?